Lincoln Before Lincoln : Early Cinematic Adaptations Of The Life Of America's Greatest President

Remembered as the Savior of the Union, Abraham Lincoln is one of America's most revered presidents. There have been tens of thousands of books published about him since his death, but he has proved to be a surprisingly daunting subject for filmmakers. Despite a wealth of biographical material, relatively few full-length motion pictures have taken the man and his life as a primary su

Pretty: Film And The Decorative Image free ebook


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Pretty: Film And The Decorative Image

Film culture often rejects visually rich images, treating simplicity, austerity, or even ugliness as the more provocative, political, and truly cinematic choice. Cinema may challenge traditional ideas of art, but its opposition to the decorative represents a long-standing Western aesthetic bias against feminine cosmetics, Oriental effeminacy, and primitive ornament. Inheriting this patriarchal,

The Cia In Hollywood : How The Agency Shapes Film And Television, Revised Edition

What’s your impression of the CIA? A bumbling agency that can’t protect its own spies? A rogue organization prone to covert operations and assassinations? Or a dedicated public service that advances the interests of the United States? Astute TV and movie viewers may have noticed that the CIA’s image in popular media has spanned this entire range, with a decided shift to more p

Documentary For The Small Screen free ebook


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Documentary For The Small Screen

Film and video have grown to be as significant in our time as books, newspapers and magazines. Documentary film-making is fast becoming as important and useful a skill as the ability to write well. Like writing, it can be learned by anyone. Documentary for the small screen is both for those who are new to documentary film-making but want to know how to create productions of a professional stand

Turkish German Cinema In The New Millennium: Sites, Sounds, And Screens

In the last five years of the twentieth century, films by the second and third generation of the so-called German guest workers exploded onto the German film landscape. Self-confident, articulate, and dynamic, these films situate themselves in the global exchange of cinematic images, citing and rewriting American gangster narratives, Kung Fu action films, and paralleling other emergent European

Fade To Gray : Aging In American Cinema free ebook


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Fade To Gray : Aging In American Cinema

Americans are living longer and reinventing both work and retirement, but Hollywood movies barely hint at this reality of contemporary society. In many popular films, older characters fade into irrelevance, inactivity, or absurdity, or else they stay in the background as wise elders while younger characters provide the action. Most American films do not attempt to portray the rich variety of ex

Erzählstimmen Im Aktuellen Film: Strukturen, Traditionen Und Wirkungen Der Voice-over-narration

Die Voice-Over-Narration wurde bislang nur als unbedeutendes Erzählphänomen des Films betrachtet und daher kaum untersucht. Dies mag an der scheinbaren Dominanz liegen, welche die Stimme eines Erzählers über die visuelle Narration eines Films auszuüben vermag. Jedenfalls trug dieser Umstand unter anderem dazu bei, dass die Voice-Over-Narration lange als ein inadäqu