Nuclear Weapons and International Security: Collected Essays

This volume brings together writings by Prof. Ramesh Thakur on the challenge of nuclear weapons, covering more than three decades of researching, thinking and writing on the topic.

 The core problem of this work can be disaggregated into several components. The essays approach the problem primarily as a normative and political project, not as an analytical project. Chapters 1&aci

The Wrong Hands: Popular Weapons Manuals and Their Historic Challenges to a Democratic Society

In 1885, there was The Science of Revolutionary Warfare. In 1971, there was The Anarchist Cookbook. In 2012, the Boston Marathon bombers turned to the Internet to learn how to make explosives. For well over a century, the United States government has regarded the circulation of weapons manuals and instruction booklets by radicals as not only dangerous, but criminal. In The Wrong Hands, Ann La

Japanese Destroyer Fuyuzuki & American Destroyer Bagley (Yellow Periscope Series 4)

For years modelers have been relying on Profile Morski books for plans and photos. These books often feature really nice drawings but up until recently have only featured Polish text. Now These books are being produced in the Yellow Periscope line with English text to supplement the Polish text. This book includes plenty of photographs, and detailed drawings of the ships and the many fittings f

Amerykanski pancernik USS Alabama (Profile Morskie 18) [Polish]

Osiemnasty numer Profili Morskich poswiecono amerykanskiemu pancernikowi USS ALABAMA z typu SOUTH DAKOTA. Ten numer jest pierwsza czescia serii - w przyszlosci mozemy sie wiec spodziewac monografii dalszych okretow z tego typu. Autorem jest Grzegorz Nowak. W publikacji przedstawiono aspekty dotyczace projektu, budowy i sluzby okretu. Calosc okraszona spora iloscia planow i barwnych planszy. W k