Canine and Feline Skin Cytology: A Comprehensive and Illustrated Guide to the Interpretation of Skin Lesions via Cytological Examination

2017 | ISBN-10: 3319412396 | 524 Pages | PDF | 85 MB

This book discusses canine and feline skin cytology and the importance of this diagnostic tool in interpreting skin lesions. With more than 600 clinical and cytological color pictures, it explains the cytological patterns observed in all cutaneous inflammatory and neoplastic lesions in cats and dogs, as well as c

Sociobiology of Caviomorph Rodents: An Integrative Approach

English | ISBN: 1118846494 | 2016 | 408 Pages | PDF | 4 MB

Fully integrative approach to the socibiology of caviomorph rodents

Brings together research on social systems with that on epigenetic, neurendocrine and developmental mechanisms of social behavior

Describes the social systems of many previously understudied caviomorph species,