Redefining William III: The Impact of the King-Stadholder in International Context (Politics and Culture in Europe, 1650-1750)

English | 20 Apr. 2007 | ISBN: 0754650286 | 316 Pages | PDF | 2 MB

William III (1650-1702) was Stadholder in the United Provinces and King of England, Scotland and Ireland. His reign has always intrigued historians, as it encompassed such defining events as the Dutch year of Disaster (1672), the Glorious Revolution (1688) and the ensuing wars against France.

Cayley and Son The Life and Art of Neville Henry Cayley and Neville William Cayley

English | 2014 | eISBN: 0642278210, ASIN: B00CB8H1MY | 354 Pages | EPUB | 14 MB

The classic field guide What Bird Is That? has been known to bird enthusiasts throughout Australia for decades, ever since it was first published in 1931. It was written and illustrated by Neville William Cayley (1886-1950), son of artist Neville Henry Cayley (1854-1903) who, before him, had also had

Managed by the Markets: How Finance Re-Shaped America

English | June 15, 2009 | ISBN: 0199216614 | 323 Pages | PDF | 2 MB

In recent years, we've been rocked by a series of economic jolts, and all of them seemed to revolve around finance. And the most recent, the American mortgage meltdown, has sent shock waves around the world. Managed by the Markets, which won the 2010 George R. Terry Book Award, offers an illuminating account