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Anything to Declare?

English | 2014 | ISBN: 1472109422 | 352 Pages | EPUB | 594.01 KB

In more than twenty years, Jon Frost has worked with the mad, the bad, the brave, the stupid, the spectacular and the heroic.

In his time as a uniformed officer Jon seized presidential aircraft, a working tank, cars, lorries, boats and coffins; and uncovered wild animals, killer snakes,

The Life of D. H. Lawrence (Wiley Blackwell Critical Biographies)

English | 2016 | ISBN: 0470654783 | 472 Pages | PDF | 5,5 MB

Complete with fresh perspectives, and drawing on the latest scholarship and biographical sources, The Life of D. H. Lawrence spans the full range of his intellectual interests and creative output to offer new insights into Lawrence's life, work, and legacy.

Addresses his major works, but also lesser-k

Through Albert's Eyes: Vol. II (The British Navy at War and Peace)

2013 | ISBN: 1849950660 | English | 176 Pages | PDF | 4 MB

This is the autobiography of Tony Bentley-Buckle, a child of the Empire who was left to grow up in the care of maiden aunts. Having joined the Royal Navy before the war, he found himself on the Northern Patrol during the blockade of Germany and as a teenager in command of captured ships. When he brought a ship through the

Underwater Potholer: A Cave Diver's Memoirs (Whittles Dive)

2015 | ISBN: 1849951586 | English | 208 Pages | PDF | 8 MB

Duncan's curiosity has got him into a lot of tight spots-quite literally! As a teenager, Duncan really wanted to be an astronaut but took to the exploration of inner space instead. Only a dozen men might have stood on the moon but Duncan has squeezed into many places that no?one has ever been before, and some places t

Hispanics of Roosevelt County, New Mexico: (American Heritage)

English | ISBN: 1626199159 | 2015 | EPUB | 128 Pages | 2,3 MB

In 1942, several Hispanic families left drought-devastated Encino and headed for the small, peanut-farming town of Portales in Roosevelt County, New Mexico. Among them was the Trujillo family, including five-year-old Agapito, who later became the countys first Hispanic law enforcement officer. The new arrivals did not

Arizona Outlaws and Lawmen: Gunslingers, Bandits, Heroes and Peacekeepers (True Crime)

English | ISBN: 1626199329 | 2015 | EPUB | 144 Pages | 2 MB

A refuge for outlaws at the close of the 1800s, the Arizona Territory was a wild, lawless land of greedy feuds, brutal killings and figures of enduring legend. These gunfighters included heroes as well as killers, and some were considered both. Bandit Pearl Hart committed one of the last recorded stagecoach robberies in