What Unions No Longer Do free ebook

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What Unions No Longer Do

English | ISBN: 0674725115 | 2014 | 288 Pages | PDF | 3 MB

From workers' wages to presidential elections, labor unions once exerted tremendous clout in American life. In the immediate post-World War II era, one in three workers belonged to a union. The fraction now is close to one in ten, and just one in twenty in the private sector--the lowest in a century. The only thing

Financialization, New Investment Funds, and Labour: An International Comparison

English | 2014 | ISBN: 0199653585 | 416 Pages | PDF | 1,2 MB

The book provides a comprehensive, comparative treatment of the development of New Investment Funds (NIFs)--private equity, hedge funds, and sovereign wealth funds--and their impact upon labour and employment. Several countries are selected for in-depth treatment with a chapter devoted to each: US, UK, Australia, German

Expulsions: Brutality and Complexity in the Global Economy

English | 2014 | ISBN: 0674599225 | 304 Pages | PDF | 1,2 MB

Soaring income inequality and unemployment, expanding populations of the displaced and imprisoned, accelerating destruction of land and water bodies: today's socioeconomic and environmental dislocations cannot be fully understood in the usual terms of poverty and injustice, according to Saskia Sassen. They are more

Stochastic Processes And Applications to Mathematical Finance

2006 | 228 Pages | ISBN: 9812565191 | PDF | 7.2 MB

Based around recent lectures given at the prestigious Ritsumeikan conference, the tutorial and expository articles contained in this volume are an essential guide for practitioners and graduates alike who use stochastic calculus in finance. Among the eminent contributors are Paul Malliavin and Shinzo Watanabe, pioneers of Malliav

Teach Yourself Visually Salesforce.com (Teach Yourself Visually (Tech))

English | 19 May 2015 | ISBN: 1119047692 | 352 Pages | PDF | 91.74 MB

The highly visual, step�Cby�Cstep guide to getting the most out of Salesforce.com. Teach Yourself VISUALLY Salesforce.com, 2nd Edition is your ideal guide to getting up to speed on the world��s number�Cone on�Cdemand customer relationship management (CRM) system. <

Time Management for New Employees free ebook

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Time Management for New Employees

English | 30 Apr. 2015 | ISBN: 178300052X | 130 Pages | PDF | 8.27 MB

Unlock the secrets of effective time management with strategies and tools designed to boost your productivity About This Book Never miss a deadline with sharp and methodical planning and prioritization Master interruptions and distractions to focus on your tasks - and success Find out how to use metrics to meas

When Corporations Rule the World free ebook

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When Corporations Rule the World

English | 1 July 2015 | ISBN: 1626562873 | 384 Pages | PDF | 12.71 MB

We humans live by stories, says David Korten, and the stories that now govern our society set us on a path to certain self-destruction. 

In this profound new book, Korten shares the results of his search for a story that reflects the fullness of human knowledge and understanding and provides a gu