Hands-on SAP BW on HANA: Good work practices for SAP BW (Focus On Book 2)

English | 27 Dec. 2016 | ASIN: B01MZ452DQ | 46 Pages | AZW3/MOBI/EPUB/PDF (conv) | 3.57 MB

Hands-on SAP BW on HANA is my personal view on how to work with SAP BW on HANA. Maybe, you will be surprised that there are not 500 pages devoted but that I have covered the main points of interest in less than 40 printed pages. Thus, you can start reading without wading through an endless

Mastering RethinkDB free ebook

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Mastering RethinkDB

English | ISBN: 1786461072 | 2017 | PDF/EPUB/MOBI (True) | 339 Pages | 14 MB/26 MB

Key Features

Master the powerful ReQL queries to manipulate your JSON data,
Learn how to develop scalable, real-time web applications using RethinkDB and Node.js and deploy them for production,
A detailed, step-by-step guide to help you master the concepts of RethinkDB

Real-Time Big Data Analytics: Emerging Architecture

English | 2013 | ISBN: 1449364217 | 32 Pages | PDF | 10.4 MB

Five or six years ago, analysts working with big datasets made queries and got the results back overnight. The data world was revolutionized a few years ago when Hadoop and other tools made it possible to getthe results from queries in minutes. But the revolution continues. Analysts now demand sub-second, near real-time

Building Data Science Teams free ebook

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Building Data Science Teams

English | 2011 | ISBN: 1449316239 | 29 Pages | PDF | 3.0 MB

As data science evolves to become a business necessity, the importance of assembling a strong and innovative data teams grows. In this in-depth report, data scientist DJ Patil explains the skills, perspectives, tools and processes that position data science teams for success.
Topics include: What it means to be &q

T-SQL Fundamentals (3rd Edition) free ebook

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T-SQL Fundamentals (3rd Edition)

English | 3 Aug. 2016 | ISBN: 150930200X | 464 Pages | AZW3/MOBI/EPUB/PDF (conv) | 92.4 MB

Effectively query and modify data using Transact-SQL
Master T-SQL fundamentals and write robust code for Microsoft SQL Server and Azure SQL Database. Itzik Ben-Gan explains key T-SQL concepts and helps you apply your knowledge with hands-on exercises. The book first introduces T-SQL&

Practical Web Database Design free ebook

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Practical Web Database Design

English | PDF | 312 Pages | 2002 | ISBN : 1590591941 | 42.16 MB

Although many web professionals will have incorporated a database into a web site before, they may not have much experience of designing them - this book will teach you all you need to know about designing a database for use with a web site or web application.
From first principles to designing a successful we

Fast Data Processing Systems with SMACK Stack free ebook

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Fast Data Processing Systems with SMACK Stack

English | ISBN: 1786467208 | 2017 | PDF/EPUB | 348 Pages | 7 MB/12 MB

Key Features
This highly practical guide shows you how to use the best of the big data technologies to solve your response-critical problems
Learn the art of making cheap-yet-effective big data architecture without using complex Greek-letter architectures
Use this easy-to-follow guide to bu

Solutions Architecture: From Data to ROI free ebook

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Solutions Architecture: From Data to ROI

English | ISBN: 1491964847 | 2017 | PDF/EPUB | 54 Pages | 5 MB/11 MB

Although big data technologies have been available for the past ten years, they're still undergoing rapid development. For companies just entering this field, this practical book delivers advice for every stage of the big data project development cycle. You'll learn patterns that apply to pre-project pre

Practical Business Intelligence free ebook

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Practical Business Intelligence

English | ISBN: 178588543X | 2017 | PDF/EPUB/MOBI (True) | 416 Pages | 93 MB/85 MB

Learn to get the most out of your business data to optimize your business

About This Book
This book will enable and empower you to break free of the shackles of spreadsheets
Learn to make informed decisions using the data at hand with this highly practical, comprehensiv