Introduction To International Political Economy free ebook


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Introduction To International Political Economy

A complete and accessible overview of how politics and economics collide in a global context This text surveys the theories, institutions, and relationships that characterize IPE and highlights them in a diverse range of regional and transnational issues. The bestseller in the field, Introduction to International Political Economy positions students to critically evaluate the global eco

Urban Social Movements In The Third World free ebook


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Urban Social Movements In The Third World

This reissue, initially published in 1989, considers the upsurge of locally-based movements attempting to improve living conditions in Third-World cities throughout the 1980s. The book presents qualitative, comparative research on the dynamics and constraints of these urban social movements, in a cross-cultural framework, using case studies from a variety of Latin American, African and

Primitive Economics Of The New Zealand Maori (routledge Revivals) (volume 6)

First published in 1929, Raymond Firth’s original and insightful study offers an incredibly detailed account of the social and economic organisation of the Maori people before their contact with Western civilisation. Bridging the gap between anthropology and economics, the work covers the class structure, land system, industry, methods of co-operative labour, exchange

Energy Pricing: Economics And Principles free ebook


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Energy Pricing: Economics And Principles

This book describes the processes through which rates for energy consumption are derived, ranging from initial analyses of the supply and demand parameters to the final forms and levels of end-use consumer prices. The author argues against aggressive accounting procedures, and suggests criteria for choosing firm's position on pending public policy issues. A handbook on energy formul

Einf├╝hrung In Die Volkswirtschaftslehre, 5 Auflage

Das Buch wendet sich in erster Linie an Studierende der Volkswirtschaftslehre, aber auch an Interessenten anderer Fachrichtungen. Vermittelt wird ein Überblick über die Volkswirtschaftslehre mit dem Ziel, die wichtigsten Fragestellungen dieser Disziplin aufzuzeigen und Methoden und Ansätze vorzustellen, mit denen man diese Fragen zu beantworten sucht. Vor allem geht es al

Measuring Innovation: A New Perspective free ebook


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Measuring Innovation: A New Perspective

Measuring Innovation: A New Perspective presents new measures and new ways of looking at traditional indicators. It builds on 50 years of indicator development by OECD and goes beyond R&D to describe the broader context in which innovation occurs. It includes some experimental indicators that provide insight into new areas of policy interest. It highlights measurement gaps and propo