Preventing Credit Card Fraud: A Complete Guide For Everyone From Merchants To Consumers

Everyone is affected by credit card fraud, if they are aware of it or not. Every day there are a variety of ways that scams and fraudsters can get your card and personal information. Today so much business occurs over the Internet or via the phone where no card is present. What can start as a seemingly legitimate purchase can easily turn into fraudulent charges – or worse, sometim

Environmental Economics And Sustainability free ebook


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Environmental Economics And Sustainability

Global environmental issues such as climate change and rapid waste accumulation represent some of the greatest threats facing the planet. And with an overwhelming scientific consensus now all but confirming the link between a warming earth and human activity, sustainability has emerged as one of the most pressing issues of our 21st-century world. Environmental Economics and Sustainabili

Economic Ideas You Should Forget free ebook


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Economic Ideas You Should Forget

Reporting on cutting-edge advances in economics, this book presents a selection of commentaries that reveal the weaknesses of several core economics concepts. Economics is a vigorous and progressive science, which does not lose its force when particular parts of its theory are empirically invalidated; instead, they contribute to the accumulation of knowledge.

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Deposit Insurance Schemes: Funding, Policy And Operational Challenges

This book provides a comprehensive overview of funding arrangements for explicit deposit insurance schemes. Responding to international guidelines and best practice, it discusses policy decisions and operational challenges which deposit insurers face in the financial management of ex-ante deposit insurance funds. Numerous examples are provided, and solutions offered on sources and uses

Mantenimiento Centrado En El Negocio free ebook


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Mantenimiento Centrado En El Negocio

La nueva edición de la obra está segmentada en ocho capítulos ordenados para un mejor entendimiento de la gestión de activos y el papel que el mantenimiento tiene en el marco de una estrategia integral de gestión, para lo cual se parte desde la definición básica de activo. En el libro se presentan nuevas tendencias y técnicas compl

Innovation And Entrepreneurship: Theory, Policy And Practice

This book aims to meet the needs of education and training in modern techniques of innovation and entrepreneurship, and focuses on the detailed presentation of successful business practices. As today's global economic landscape is changing rapidly, the ability of businesses to introduce new products and services to the market faster than their competitors is perhaps their most distinct comp

China Green Development Index Report 2012: Regional Comparison

The report was launched during China’s Twelfth Five-year Period (2011-2015). After revising the measurement system of the Green Development Index 2011, the report measures the green development level of 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions as well as 38 large and medium-sized cities in China. A Public Satisfaction Survey of the Urban Residents is first introduced into the r