K9 Decoys and Aggression: A Manual for Training Police Dogs (K9 Professional Training Series)

2015 | ISBN: 1550596128 | English | 168 Pages | PDF | 7 MB

Learn how to:
Master the basic skills and common procedures every decoy needs.
Read dogs accurately through seven key factors.
Stimulate and reward useful forms of K9 aggression.
A good decoy is a K9 trainer's most valuable tool. A good decoy can make a poor dog better, a mediocre dog good,

K9 Scent Training: A Manual for Training Your Identification, Tracking and Detection Dog (K9 Professional Training Series)

2015 | ISBN: 1550595849 | English | 208 Pages | PDF | 4 MB

Whether you're searching for drugs or a missing person, K9 Scent Training will improve your K9 team's capabilities in the field.
Use proven techniques to train your dog for:

Scent identification line-ups to indicate a scent connection between crime-scene evidence and a suspect.

K9 Behavior Basics: A Manual for Proven Success in Operational Service Dog Training (K9 Professional Training Series)

2013 | ISBN: 1550594516 | English | 256 Pages | PDF | 6 MB

Understand dog behavior to work with, not against, your K9's instincts.
Learn how to:

Recognize and interpret your K9's expressions, gestures and signals.
Use operant conditioning to efficiently and humanely train K9s.
Plan and execute effective K9 training programs for search a

K9 Personal Protection: A Manual for Training Reliable Protection Dogs (K9 Professional Training Series)

2014 | ISBN: 1550595881 | English | 256 Pages | PDF | 5 MB

Create a safe, successful K9 training program that results in reliable protection dogs.
Learn how to:

Select the optimal breeds, temperament and physical and mental characteristics for protection work.
Master the obedience-training techniques that form the foundation of protection training.

K9 Schutzhund Training: A Manual for IPO Training through Positive Reinforcement (K9 Professional Training Series)

2014 | ISBN: 1550595563 | English | 256 Pages | PDF | 5 MB

Learn how to:

Implement a successful training program for the three phases of Schutzhund: tracking, obedience and protection.
Use expert tips and advice for passing the IPO trials.
Become a better trainer by understanding the theory behind the most effective K9 training techniques.