Das Reich: The March Of The 2nd Ss Panzer Division Through France, June 1944

Within days of the D-Day lanings, the 'Das Reich' 2nd SS Panzer Division marched north through France to reinforce the front-line defenders of Hitler's Fortress Europe. Veterans of the bloodiest fighting of the Russion Front, 15,000 men with their tanks and artillery, they were hounded for every mile of their march by saboteurs of the Resistance and agents of the Allied S

Mafia: Von Paten, Pizzerien Und Falschen Priestern free ebook


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Mafia: Von Paten, Pizzerien Und Falschen Priestern

Die Morde von Duisburg haben eine unbequeme Wahrheit ans Licht gebracht: Die italienische Mafia hat ihre Tentakel längst nach Deutschland ausgestreckt. Weltweit perfekt organisiert, ist sie eine Gefahr für Staat und Gesellschaft, die von deutschen Politikern und Sicherheitskräften allzu lange unterschätzt wurde. Petra Reski, exzellente Italien-Kennerin, enthüllt in i

Days That Changed The World: The 50 Defining Events Of World History

The currents of History run deep and often unseen beneath the everyday ripple of events. But now and again the current rises to the surface, and the events of a single day shed an exceptional light on the meaning of the past.

Such events are the subject of Days that Changed the World. Some of the 50 days described here mark the end of an era; others the start of so

Mayas In Postwar Guatemala: Harvest Of Violence Revisited

Like the original Harvest of Violence, published in 1988, this volume reveals how the contemporary Mayas contend with crime, political violence, internal community power struggles, and the broader impact of transnational economic and political policies in Guatemala. However, this work, informed by long-term ethnographic fieldwork in Mayan communities and commitment to conducting researc

New Georgia : The Second Battle For The Solomons free ebook


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New Georgia : The Second Battle For The Solomons

In 1942, the Solomon Islands formed the stepping stones toward Rabaul, the main base of Japanese operations in the South Pacific, and the Allies primary objective. The stunning defeat of Japanese forces at the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal in November marked the turning point in the war against Japan and the start of an offensive in the Central Solomons aimed at New Georgia. New Georgia:

Religion In Britain From The Megaliths To Arthur : An Archaeological And Mythological Exploration

The Druids and the Arthurian legends are all most of us know about early Britain, from the Neolithic to the Iron Age (4500 BC-AD 43). Drawing on archaeological discoveries and medieval Welsh texts like the Mabinogion, this book explores the religious beliefs of the ancient Britons before the coming of Christianity, beginning with the megaliths - structures like Stonehenge - and the role