King John And Religion free ebook


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King John And Religion

King John has been perceived as one of England's most notorious monarchs. Medieval writers and later historians condemn him as a tyrant, seeing his long-running dispute with the church as evidence of a king who showed little regard for his faith. This book takes issue with orthodox opinion, arguing that in matters of religion, the critique obscures the evidence for a ruler who reali

Gene Basset’s Vietnam Sketchbook: A Cartoonist’s Wartime Perspective

In 1965, Gene Basset, a well-known political cartoonist, was sent to Vietnam by his newspaper publishing syndicate. His assignment: to sketch scenes of the increasingly controversial war in order to help the newspaper-reading public better understand the events occurring in Southeast Asia. In much the same way that M.A.S.H. gave viewers an irreverent, wry view of war and its devastating

Religion, Politics And Society In Britain, 800-1066 free ebook


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Religion, Politics And Society In Britain, 800-1066

Using a comparative and broad perspective, Religion, Politics and Society in Britain 800-1066 draws on archaeology, art history, material culture, texts from charms to chronicles, from royal law-codes to sermons to poems, and other evidence to demonstrate the centrality of Christianity and the Church in Britain 800-1066. It delineates their contributions to the changes in politics, econ

Ancient Mines And Quarries: A Trans-atlantic Perspective

Fourteen papers explore a range of issues relating to prehistoric extraction sites, including ethnography, geochemical signatures, the application of neutron activation analysis, exploitation of erratics, excavation, survey and conservation.

Topics include quernstone extraction, use of hammers, stages of extraction, geographical and social contexts, changing social regime

The Virgin Of Chartres: Making History Through Liturgy And The Arts

Medieval Christians knew the past primarily through what they saw and heard. History was reenacted every year in ritual observances particular to each place and region and rooted in the legends of local saints.This richly illustrated book explores the layers of history found in the cult of the Virgin of Chartres as it developed in the eleventh and twelfth centuries. Focusing on the majo

Three Armies On The Somme: The First Battle Of The Twentieth Century

For decades, the Battle of the Somme has exemplified the horrors and futility of trench warfare. Yet in Three Armies on the Somme, William Philpott makes a convincing argument that the battle ultimately gave the British and French forces on the Western Front the knowledge and experience to bring World War I to a victorious end.

It was the most brutal fight in a war that s

Die Skythen free ebook


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Die Skythen

Anhand der antiken Schriftquellen, vor allem aber mit Hilfe von eindrucksvollen, in zahlreichen Abbildungen dokumentierten archäologischen Hinterlassenschaften der Skythen und verwandter Stämme in Sibirien, beschreibt Hermann Parzinger ihre geographischen Ursprünge, ihre territoriale Ausbreitung sowie die Grundzüge ihrer Gesellschaft, Wirtschaft, Kultur und Religion