Medical Terminology: A Living Language, 6th Edition free ebook


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Medical Terminology: A Living Language, 6th Edition

With 14 streamlined chapters covering essential A&P topics, this mid-sized book is the perfect fit for a one-semester course in medical terminology. It also serves as a useful reference for practicing professionals.

Build a strong foundation of medical terminology, step by step

Medical Terminology: A Living Language uses a carefully constructed learning

Movement Disorders, Third Edition free ebook


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Movement Disorders, Third Edition

A comprehensive clinical reference on managing the entire spectrum of movement disorders

Featuring contributions from more than one hundred leading experts, this full-color text covers pathophysiology, diagnosis, and management of all movement disorders - from ataxia to Parkinson's Disease. Movement Disorders examines the neurobehavioral changes and comorbidities t

Pathology Of Liver Diseases free ebook


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Pathology Of Liver Diseases

Pathology of Liver Diseases is a rapid reference consultation tool that uses both book and online material to present a whole range of liver disorders. The book emphasizes not only the pathology seen in biopsy and surgical material, but also the most pertinent clinical and laboratory findings including epidemiology, etiologic and pathophysiologic concepts, and the differential diagnoses

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases: A Clinician's Guide free ebook


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Inflammatory Bowel Diseases: A Clinician's Guide

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases: A Clinician's Guide provides practical guidance for the diagnosis and management of those suspected or known to have one of the forms of these complex diseases. It is perfect both for gastroenterology trainees learning to care for these patients and the experienced physician, as a concise and practical resource for day-to-day use.


Color Atlas Of Pathophysiology, 3rd Edition free ebook


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Color Atlas Of Pathophysiology, 3rd Edition

Understanding pathophysiology is the first step toward clinical medicine. This book presents the most important mechanisms of how disease develops in nearly 200 vivid color plates accompanied by clear text.

Every double page, with text on the left and pictures on the right, gives a rapid and complete overview of its topic.

The contents

are or

Medical Innovation : Science, Technology And Practice

This book brings together a collection of empirical case studies featuring a wide spectrum of medical innovation. While there is no unique pathway to successful medical innovation, recurring and distinctive features can be observed across different areas of clinical practice. This book examines why medical practice develops so unevenly across and within areas of disease, and how this relates to

Digital Planning And Custom Orthodontic Treatment free ebook


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Digital Planning And Custom Orthodontic Treatment

K. Hero Breuning (Editor), Chung H. Kau (Editor) offers a thorough overview of digital treatment planning as it relates to custom orthodontic treatment. - Covers 3D imaging of the dentition and the face with intraoral scanners, CBCT machines, and 3D facial scanners - Provides a complete guide to using digital treatment planning to improve the predictability, efficiency, and efficacy of orthodon