Us Air Force 70 Years Of The World's Most Powerful Air Force

The United States Air Force was formed in September 1947 and has been the world’s most powerful air force for seven decades.

From the First World War through to the end of the Second World War in 1945, US military aviation underwent dramatic changes - coming of age in the skies above Nazi-occupied Europe.

And from 1947 to the present day, the USAF has beco

Einsteins Von Den Nazis Konfisziertes Eigentum: Der Lange Weg Bis Zur Rückgabe Und Entschädigung

Das vorliegende Werk beschäftigt sich mit dem Eigentum des Physikers und Nobelpreisträgers Albert Einstein, das während des dritten Reiches von den Nazis konfisziert wurde und dem langen Weg zur Entschädigung. Einsteins Eigentum und das seiner Familie, darunter Wertpapiere, Konten, sein Sommerhaus in Caputh und sein Segelboot, wurde von der Gestapo 1933 mit dem Grund

The Civil War On The Mississippi : Union Sailors, Gunboat Captains, And The Campaign To Control The River

Flowing from its source in northern Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico, the Mississippi River borders or passes through ten different states and serves as one of the most important transportation systems in the United States. During the Civil War, both sides believed that whoever controlled the river would ultimately be victorious. Cotton exports generated much-needed revenue for the Confe

Gunsmithing The Ar-15, The Bench Manual free ebook


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Gunsmithing The Ar-15, The Bench Manual

Like Taking an Armorer's Course for the AR-15!

For the casual shooter or first-time owner to the advanced practitioner, author Patrick Sweeney teaches you how to remove, replace, maintain and upgrade every single part on your AR-15 rifle with Gunsmithing the AR-15: The Bench Manual. More than just a step-by-step manual, this insider's guidebook is chock full of in

Arms And Influence : U.s. Technology Innovations And The Evolution Of International Security Norms

Arms and Influence explores the complex relationship between technology, policymaking, and international norms. Modern technological innovations such as the atomic bomb, armed unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and advanced reconnaissance satellites have fostered debates about the boundaries of international norms and legitimate standards of behavior. These advances allow governm

The Fn Minimi Light Machine Gun (osprey Weapon 53) free ebook


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The Fn Minimi Light Machine Gun (osprey Weapon 53)

In 1974, renowned Belgian arms company Fabrique Nationale brought out a ground-breaking new light machine gun, the Minimi. Its success has been meteoric, arming more than 45 countries around the world. The Minimi offers the ultimate in portable firepower. Firing the high-velocity 5.56×45mm round, the Minimi is a gas-operated, lightweight, belt- or magazine-fed weapon, able to