Building Skin & Details free ebook

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Building Skin & Details

2011 | 288 Pages | ISBN: 988150693X | PDF | 43 MB

Contemporary architecture presents itself with various aesthetic standards. Besides the rational function of architectural design, architects now pay close attention to continuity between the interior and exterior of their work. This book collects a number of masterpieces that reflect the trend of modern architectural surface desi

Museum Display Design free ebook

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Museum Display Design

2012 | 269 Pages | ISBN: 753817222X | PDF | 26 MB

The book introduces 45 display designs in the museums. It reflects the achievements of current museum in terms of space division and decorative elements. It has high reference value for museum designers.

New Living in Old Houses free ebook

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New Living in Old Houses

Harry N. Abrams | 1982 | ISBN: 0810913666 | English | 166 Pages | PDF | 19 MB

Every one of the diverse projects elaborated in this handsome book is a pleasure for the eye and a spur to the imagination, blending elements of before-and-after and how-to-do-it. Turning from spread to spread-each one enlivened with telling photographs in black-and-white and in color, as well as floor

Ian Rankin and Inspector Rebus: The Story of the Best-Selling Author and His Complex Detective

2011 | ISBN: 1843582929 | English | 266 Pages | EPUB | 1 MB 

Packed with insightful interviews with Rankin, plotlines, story analysis, and a complete collector's guide, this fascinating accompaniment to a much-loved series will thrill both the initiated and the soon-to-be

Detective John Rebus first appeared in Ian Rankin's 1987 bestseller Knots and Cro

Federal Rules of Evidence Handbook (2015-2016) free ebook

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Federal Rules of Evidence Handbook (2015-2016)

This handbook includes the text of the Federal Rules of Evidence, including amendments in effect December 1, 2015 (absent Congressional action). The handbook also includes selected legislative history, the Advisory Committee Notes to the Rules and to the amendments to the Federal Rules of Evidence. A final section includes Proposed Federal Rules of Evidence Relating to Privilege with Advisory C