Mars: Prospective Energy and Material Resources free ebook

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Mars: Prospective Energy and Material Resources

The manned mission is seen as a first step towards a Mars surface exploration base-station and, later, establishing permanent settlement. The location and use of Mars’s natural resources is vital to enable cost-effective long-duration human exploration and exploitation missions as well as subsequent human colonization. Planet resources include various crust-lodged materials,

Astronomy: A Physical Perspective free ebook

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Astronomy: A Physical Perspective

0521821967 This fully revised and updated text is a comprehensive introduction to astronomical objects and phenomena. By applying some basic physical principles to a variety of situations, students will learn how to relate everyday physics to the astronomical world. Starting with the simplest objects, the text contains explanations of how and why astronomical phenomena occur, and how astronomer

Cosmology, Calendars, and Horizon-Based Astronomy in Ancient Mesoamerica

Cosmology, Calendars, and Horizon-Based Astronomy in Ancient Mesoamerica is an interdisciplinary tour de force that establishes the critical role astronomy played in the religious and civic lives of the ancient peoples of Mesoamerica. Providing extraordinary examples of how pre-Columbian peoples merged ideas about the cosmos with those concerning calendar and astronomy, the volume showcases the

A College Course on Relativity and Cosmology free ebook

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A College Course on Relativity and Cosmology

This advanced undergraduate text introduces Einstein's general theory of relativity. The topics covered include geometric formulation of special relativity, the principle of equivalence, Einstein's field equation and its spherical-symmetric solution, as well as cosmology. An emphasis is placed on physical examples and simple applications without the full tensor apparatus. It begins by e

Pluto Confidential: An Insider Account of the Ongoing Battles over the Status of Pluto

When the International Astronomical Union adopted a new definition of ""planet"" in August 2006, Pluto became a dwarf planet, drawing a divisive line in science and public opinions. The controversy of whether Pluto is a planet continues later, pitting scientist against scientist and invoking sentiments and nostalgia from the rest of the world. Written by two rewnowned astron