Financial Risk Management: Identification, Measurement and Management

English | PDF | 423 Pages | 2017 | ISBN : 3319413651 | 8.30 MB

This book provides a quantitative overview of corporate risk management for both financial and non-financial organisations. It systematically explores a range of important risks, including interest rate risk, equity risk, commodity price risk, credit risk management, counterparty risk, operational risk, liquidity risk

Applied Investment Theory: How Markets and Investors Behave, and Why

English | PDF | 2016 | 260 Pages | ISBN : 3319439758 | 4.74 MB

Institutions now dominate trading in equities around the world. Mutual funds are the most prominent, and doubly important as custodians of retirement savings. Despite this, there is no comprehensive description of fund manager behaviour, much less a matching theory.
This is troubling because one of the most eco

Innovation Policies in the European News Media Industry: A Comparative Study (Media Business and Innovation)

English | PDF | 2017 | 248 Pages | ISBN : 3319452029 | 2.65 MB

This book explores the importance and the types of media innovation policies formulated and implemented in various European countries. Each country analysis illustrates the evolution and structure of news media markets and media cross-ownership policies in recent years and evaluates how innovation policies stimulate i

Inventory Management with Alternative Delivery Times (SpringerBriefs in Operations Management)

English | PDF | 110 Pages | 2017 | ISBN : 3319486330 | 1.62 MB

This book develops a modeling framework to analyze the problem of inventory management with alternative delivery times. The general context considered here is that a seller replenishes its inventory in fixed intervals and, between replenishments, allocates the limited inventory to satisfy customers who are both price