New Aspects of Spillover Effect in Catalysis: For Development of Highly Active Catalysts

The spillover effect is one of the most promising factors in the enhancement of catalytic reaction rates. The spillover phenemenon was found in the 1960s by several research groups independently. It was defined at the previous International Symposium on Spillover as follows Spillover involves the transport of active species which are adsorbed or formed on a first phase onto another phase that does

Trait-Modified Oils in Foods (Institute of Food Technologists Series)

In recent years, the food industry has made substantial advances in replacing partially hydrogenated oils, high in trans-fatty acids, in foods. Trait-modified oils were then developed to produce trans-fat free, low saturated functional oils. Trait-modified Oils in Foods offers top line information on the sources, composition, performance, health, taste, and availability of modified next generat

Phase Transformations, Volume 12: Examples from Titanium and Zirconium Alloys

The terms phase transitions and phase transformations are often used in an interchangeable manner in the metallurgical literature.

In this book, transformations driven by pressure changes, radiation and deformation and those occurring in nanoscale multilayers are brought to the fore. Order-disorder transformations, many of which constitute very good examples of continuous transformati

High Temperature Superconductors free ebook

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High Temperature Superconductors

This essential reference provides the most comprehensive presentation of state-of-the-art research being conducting worldwide today in this growing field of research and applications. HTS are currently being supported by numerous governmental and industrial initiatives in the USA and Asia and Europe to overcome energy distribution issues and are now being commercialised for power-delivery devic

New Developments in Construction and Functions of Organic Thin Films

This book is a timely review of recent advances on the construction and functions of organic thin films by a variety of techniques. The component molecules are relatively simple ones with self-organizing properties, i.e., ordered molecular assembly characteristics. The contents are arranged from the fundamental concepts of molecular assembly of self-organizing molecules to the potential biologi

Surface Modification of Biopolymers free ebook

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Surface Modification of Biopolymers

 This book addresses surface modification techniques, which are critical for tailoring and broadening the applications of naturally occurring biopolymers. Biopolymers represent a sustainable solution to the need for new materials in the auto, waste removal, biomedical device, building material, defense, and paper industries.


 First comprehensive sum

Molecular System Bioenergetics: Energy for Life free ebook

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Molecular System Bioenergetics: Energy for Life

In this first integrated view, practically each of the world's leading experts has contributed to this one and only authoritative resource on the topic. Bringing systems biology to cellular energetics, they address in detail such novel concepts as metabolite channeling and medical aspects of metabolic syndrome and cancer.

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Every organism must consume ener