Physics, Chemistry and Applications of Nanostructures, Proceedings of International Conference Nanomeeting - 2015

English | ISBN: 981469651X, 9789814696517 | 2015 | 652 pages | PDF | 30 MB

This book presents invited reviews and original short notes of recent results obtained in studies concerning the fabrication and application of nanostructures, which hold great promise for the new generation of electronic, optoelectronic and energy conversion devices.

Silicon Nitride: Synthesis, Properties and Applications (Chemical Engineering Methods and Technology: Materials Science and Technologies)

Silicon nitride (Si3N4) ceramic is used in numerous applications because of its superior properties, such as high-temperature strength, good oxidation resistance and low thermal expansion coefficient. In this book, the authors present current research in the study of the synthesis, properties and applications of silicon nitride. Topics include the optical and vibration properties of silicon ric

Methods for Monitoring and Diagnosing the Efficiency of Catalytic Converters: A Patent-oriented Survey

The dramatic evolution of catalytic converters in the last thirty years was a result of a need worldwide to reduce pollution created by the exhaust gases of internal combustion engines. Environmental concerns have led American, Japanese and European Union (EU) legislation to pose continuously stricter emission limits for petrol engines in the last decades. The catalytic converter has become the

Mechanics of Materials,7th Edition free ebook

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Mechanics of Materials,7th Edition

Beer and Johnston's Mechanics of Materials is the uncontested leader for the teaching of solid mechanics. Used by thousands of students around the globe since publication, Mechanics of Materials, provides a precise presentation of the subject illustrated with numerous engineering examples that students both understand and relate to theory and application.
The tried and true methodolo

Safety Assessment for Chemical Processes free ebook

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Safety Assessment for Chemical Processes

In spite of the good safety records of chemical plants many people regard chemical production as dangerous because of a few major accidents that have occurred.

A knowledge of at least the fundamentals of chemical safety technology is indispensable for chemists and engineers working in chemical industry. The increasingly stringent legal and administrative requirements can only be answe

Chromatographic Methods free ebook

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Chromatographic Methods

This book provides a unified and balanced introduction to the general theory of chromatography, followed by a detailed treatment of the principles and practice of all the major techniques currently employed in the industrial and academic sectors. It is written as a broad introduction to the subject for mid to advanced undergraduates in chemistry, pharmacy, biochemistry, and is suitable for stud

Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry: A Practical Guide

This guide provides, under one cover, a wealth of practical information designed to facilitate the effectiveness of the GC/MS user. Separation conditions for numerous compound types are provided along with derivatized and underivatized compounds. A section on how to interpret mass spectral data, an extensive correlation of ion masses and neutral losses with possible structures, and examples of

Chemical Analysis: Modern Instrumentation Methods and Techniques

Chemical Analysis is an essential introduction to a wide range of analytical techniques and instruments. Assuming little in the way of prior knowledge, this text carefully guides the reader through the more widely used and important techniques, whilst avoiding excessive technical detail. Covering both instrumental techniques and the situations in which they are used, the text always strives to

Thermoplastics and Thermoplastic Composites: Technical Information for Plastics Users

Thermoplastics represent appx 90% by weight of all plastics consumed world-wide. We know them mainly in the form of polythenes, polyolefins, polystyrenes, nylons and acrylics. Under different heating conditions and by varying the composition of the plastic it is possible to make many different products with differing properties.

This is a decision-making tool and source-book of inform