The Lost Twin (Scarlet and Ivy) free ebook

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The Lost Twin (Scarlet and Ivy)

Ivy reluctantly agrees in the hopes of finding out what happened to her missing sister. For only at Rookwood will Ivy be able to unlock the secrets of Scarlet's disappearance, through a scattered trail of diary pages carefully hidden all over the school. Can Ivy solve the mystery before Miss Fox suspects?

Beyond the Stars free ebook

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Beyond the Stars

12 tales of adventure, magic and wonder from a stellar author and illustrator line-up, the perfect gift for all story-lovers. 12 wintry tales of wonder, from the funny to the ghostly, from the heartfelt to the action-packed, there is something here for everyone to love... Written by some of the most outstanding talents in children’s fiction today, including Eoin Colfer, Roddy Doyle, Derek

Fall of Heroes (Cloak Society) free ebook

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Fall of Heroes (Cloak Society)

The Cloak Society has risen and heroes will fall in the epic conclusion to the Cloak Society series a thrilling middle grade trilogy that's perfect for fans of the Alex Rider Adventures and the 39 Clues. The Cloak Society has finally risen to power by posing as the saviors of Sterling City. As long as the people believe Cloak's lies, Alex and his friends are all that stand in the way of

Theodore Boone: the Fugitive free ebook

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Theodore Boone: the Fugitive

On a field trip to Washington, DC, Theo spots a familiar face on the Metro: Duffy, who jumped bail and was never seen again. Theo’s quick thinking helps bring Duffy back to Strattenburg to stand trial. But now that Duffy knows who he is, Theo is in greater danger than he’s ever been in before. Even when every­thing is on the line, Theodore Boone will stop at nothing to make sure

The Great Unexpected free ebook

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The Great Unexpected

This is a delightful book that I read in one sitting. Sharon Creech has done it again with this beautifully written and lyrical story. It is warm, witty, full of memorable and eccentric characters, secrets and coincidences, hidden meaning and life lessons for our children. As you begin to put the pieces of the puzzle of the story together it will remind you that we are all connected by that inv

The Arctic Code (Dark Gravity Sequence) free ebook

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The Arctic Code (Dark Gravity Sequence)

It is the near future, and the earth has entered a new ice age. Eleanor Perry lives in Tucson, one of the most popular destinations for refugees of the Freeze. She is the daughter of a climatologist who is trying to find new ways to preserve human life on the planet. Dr. Perry believes that a series of oil deposits she has found in the Arctic may hold the key to our survival. That's when sh

My Secret Guide to Paris free ebook

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My Secret Guide to Paris

Nora loves everything about Paris, from the Eiffel Tower to chocolat chaud. Of course, she's never actually been there she's only visited through her Grandma Sylvia's stories. And just when they've finally planned a trip together, Grandma Sylvia is suddenly gone, taking Nora's dreams with her.

Nora is crushed. She misses her grandmother terribly, but she still want

The Stars of Summer free ebook

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The Stars of Summer

In this charming sequel to All Four Stars, eleven-year-old foodie Gladys Gatsby now has her first published review under her belt and is looking forward to a quiet summer of cooking and reviewing. But her plans quickly go awry when her friend Charissa Bentley delivers Gladys’s birthday gift: a free summer at Camp Bentley. As Gladys feared, camp life is not easy: she struggles