A Crash Course In Cover Letters: Adapting An Old School Tool For Your Digital Job Search (Forbes)

Today, job seekers need to build active, networking-based methods into their job searches. They have to have a game plan-and it's got to be crafty, bold and strategic. Hiding behind a computer and machine-gunning resumes into blind mailboxes over and over again is the recipe for a super long, frustrating job search.

 Cover letters, we hear, are redundant, a waste of time for

Power Verbs for Job Seekers: Hundreds of Verbs and Phrases to Bring Your Resumes, Cover Letters, and Job Interviews to Life

Electrify all your job search communications and build the great career you want!

 The right verbs
 • make you unforgettable
 • powerfully demonstrate your value
 • attract employers like moths to flame

 Grab the right verb and use it the right way to:
 Craft outstanding resumes, cover letters, and than

Answering Tough Interview Questions for Dummies free ebook

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Answering Tough Interview Questions for Dummies

Written for all job hunters – new entrants, mid-level people, very experienced individuals, and technical and non-technical job seekers – Answering Tough Interview Questions For Dummies is packed with the building blocks for show-stopping interviews.

Reinforced Concrete Slabs, 2nd Edition free ebook

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Reinforced Concrete Slabs, 2nd Edition

Comprehensive, up-to-date coverage of reinforced concrete slabs-from leading authorities in the field. Offering an essential background for a thorough understanding of building code requirements and design procedures for slabs, Reinforced Concrete Slabs, Second Edition provides a full treatment of today's approaches to reinforced concrete slab analysis and design. Now brought up to date wit

Prestressed Concrete Analysis and Design Third Edition

This 3rd (2012) edition integrates the provisions of the 2011 ACI Building Code and offers an extensive treatment of bridge analysis and design according to the 2010 AASHTO LRFD Specifications in text and examples. It was written to serve as a thorough teaching text, a comprehensive source of information, and a basic reference. It is intended for advanced students, professional engineers, and r

Seismic Loads: Guide to the Seismic Load Provisions of ASCE 7-05

Seismic Loads: Guide to the Seismic Load Provisions of ASCE 7-05 provides authoritative explanations of the seismic provisions offered in Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures, ASCE/SEI 7-05. With clear, concise language Seismic Loads illustrates the key concepts and guides structural engineers in applying the most current thinking in this rapidly changing discipline into the

Finite Element Analysis and Design of Steel and Steel-Concrete Composite Bridges

In recent years, bridge engineers and researchers are increasingly turning to the finite element method for the design of Steel and Steel-Concrete Composite Bridges. However, the complexity of the method has made the transition slow. Based on twenty years of experience, Finite Element Analysis and Design of Steel and Steel-Concrete Composite Bridges provides structural engineers and researchers

The Boundary Element Method with Programming: For Engineers and Scientists

This thorough yet understandable introduction to the boundary element method presents an attractive alternative to the finite element method. It not only explains the theory but also presents the implementation of the theory into computer code, the code in FORTRAN 95 can be freely downloaded. The book also addresses the issue of efficiently using parallel processing hardware in order to conside