McGraw-Hill's Catholic High School Entrance Exams (Third edition)

[b]The critical preparation you'll need to get into the Catholic high school you want[/b]
McGraw-Hill's Catholic High School Entrance Exams is the core guide to the three exams required for admission to Catholic high schools nationwide. It offers complete coverage of the Cooperative Admissions Examination (COOP), the High School Placement Test (HSPT), and the Test for Admission i

Revolutionizing Arts Education in K-12 Classrooms through Technological Integration

 Educational technologies are becoming more commonplace across the K-12 curriculum. In particular, the use of innovative digital technology is expanding the potential of arts education, presenting new opportunitiesuand challengesuto both curricular design and pedagogical practice. Revolutionizing Arts Education in K-12 Classrooms through Technological Integration brings together a variety

Handbook of Urban Educational Leadership free ebook

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Handbook of Urban Educational Leadership

 This authoritative handbook examines the community, district, and teacher leadership roles that affect urban schools. It will serve as a foundation for pedagogical and educational leadership practices that foster social justice, equity, and advocacy for those who have been traditionally and historically underserved in education. The handbook's ten sections cover topics as diverse as c

The Triumph Speed Twin & Thunderbird Bible free ebook

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The Triumph Speed Twin & Thunderbird Bible

A complete technical development history of the Triumph Speed Twin and Thunderbird motorcycles. As a reference, this book will be an invaluable asset for anyone aiming to restore a Speed Twin or a Thunderbird to the correct specifications. Used as a guide, it will enable a potential buyer or owner to establish the exact year of manufacture and identify the precise model type. 

Aus Fehlern lernen - Fehlermanagement in Gesundheitsberufen [German]

â€×Mir ist ein Fehler passiert“ – fallt dieser Satz, steht schnell der Vorwurf mangelnder Gewissenhaftigkeit im Raum. Denn in Gesundheitsberufen konnen selbst kleinste Fehler unubersehbare Folgen fur Patienten haben. Die Autorin informiert uber ein angemessenes Fehlermanagement, damit vermeidbare Fehler sich nicht wiederholen: Wo sind Fehlerquell

The Cambridge Companion to English Renaissance Tragedy

 Featuring essays by major international scholars, this Companion combines analysis of themes crucial to Renaissance tragedy with the interpretation of canonical and frequently taught texts. Part I introduces key topics, such as religion, revenge, and the family, and discusses modern performance traditions on stage and screen. Bridging this section with Part II is a chapter which engages w

Translation Quality Assessment: Past and Present free ebook

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Translation Quality Assessment: Past and Present

Translation Quality Assessment has become one of the key issues in translation studies. This comprehensive and up-to-date treatment of translation evaluation makes explicit the grounds of judging the worth of a translation and emphasizes that translation is, at its core, a linguistic art.

 Written by the author of the world’s best known model of translation qua

Attitude Measurements in Science Education: Classic and Contemporary Approaches

The research into how students' attitudes affect learning of science related subjects have been one of the core areas of interest by science educators. The development in science education records various attempts in measuring attitudes and determining the correlations between behaviour, achievements, career aspirations, gender identity and cultural inclination. Some researchers noted that

High-Stakes Testing in Education: Science and Practice in K-12 Settings

The educational testing community in the United States is facing a dramatic increase in the use test scores as a measure of accountability. This volume covers a selection of contemporary issues in testing science and practice that impact the nation's public education system. These include test development at the local and state levels, the assessment of special populations, test performance