Practical Lighting Design with LEDs free ebook

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Practical Lighting Design with LEDs

This book covers all of the information needed to design LEDs into end-products.  It is a practical guide, primarily explaining how things are done by practicing engineers.  Equations are used only for practical calculations, and are kept to the level of high-school algebra.  There are numerous drawings and schematics showing how things such as measurements are actually made, and

Oscilloscopes for Radio Amateur free ebook

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Oscilloscopes for Radio Amateur

Get the Most Out of Your Equipment! Oscilloscopes are a useful tool in the world of electronics, allowing radio amateurs to see the signals inside their equipment. With personal computers and today's technologies, a variety of analog, digital or hybrid scopes are available to hams for solving problems and testing new ideas in home workshops.

Oscilloscopes for Radio Amateurs is fil

Power Integrity for I/O Interfaces: With Signal Integrity/ Power Integrity Co-Design

The Hands-On Guide to Power Integrity in Advanced Applications, from Three Industry Experts. In this book, three industry experts introduce state-of-the-art power integrity design techniques for today’s most advanced digital systems, with real-life, system-level examples. They introduce a powerful approach to unifying power and signal integrity design that can identify signal

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Third Edition free ebook

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Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Third Edition

This fully revised and updated third edition has a new chapter on Refrigerants that deals with the many changes in this area over the last 10 years, including the phase out of CFC and HCFC refrigerants in line with Ozone depletion and Global Warming. New, replacement refrigerants are described, together with Codes of Practice introduced for maintenance and servicing of refrigeration plants. The

Electrical Circuit Theory and Technology, Second Edition: Revised edition

Electrical Circuit Theory and Technology is a fully comprehensive text for courses in electrical and electronic principles, circuit theory and electrical technology. The coverage takes students from the fundamentals of the subject, to the completion of a first year degree level course. Thus, this book is ideal for students studying engineering for the first time, and is also suitable for pre-de

Digital Matters: The Theory and Culture of the Matrix

Providing a novel perspective on on-going digital developments by using both the work of current thinkers and that of past theorists not normally associated with digital issues, it gives a fresh insight into the roots and causes of the social matrix behind the digital one of popular imagination. The authors highlight the way we should be concerned by the power of the digital to undermine physic

Circuits and Systems for Wireless Communications free ebook

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Circuits and Systems for Wireless Communications

This book contains revised contributions by the speakers of the 1st IEEE Workshop on Wireless Communication Circuits and Systems, held in Lucerne, Switzerland, from June 22-24, 1998. The aim of the workshop was to demonstrate the vast expertise of the CAS Society in the area of circuit and system design to the rapidly growing field of wireless communications. The workshop combined presentations

The Basic Soldering Guide Handbook: Learn to solder electronics successfully

The Basic Soldering Guide by Alan Winstanley (Online Editor, EPE-Everyday Practical Electronics Magazine) is the #1 resource to learn all the basic aspects of electronics soldering by hand. With over 80 clear colour photos, this class-leading reference explains the correct choice of soldering irons and tips, lead and lead-free solder, rosin fluxes and tools. How to solder and desolder circuit b

Test Equipment for the Radio Experimenter free ebook

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Test Equipment for the Radio Experimenter

The revised and expanded Second Edition of Test Equipment for the Radio Experimenter has a place in the library of anyone interested in the construction, repair, or restoration of radio and electronic equipment! Fifty chapters are focused on helping the hobbyist select the right test equipment for their bench and their application. 

This new edition has more than doubled in size