he Health and Safety Handbook free ebook

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he Health and Safety Handbook

English | 3 Feb. 2006 | ISBN: 0749449004 | 243 Pages | PDF | 1 MB

Health and safety at work is a diverse area of study and a difficult subject for many employers. However, employers need to get to grips with the subject due to their extensive criminal and civil liabilities under health and safety law. This book is an essential guide for medium sized enterprises who do not have ac

Atlas of Lift-Laparoscopy free ebook

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Atlas of Lift-Laparoscopy

English | 21 May 2007 | ISBN: 184214118X | 158 Pages | PDF | 14 MB

Physiologically, gasless laparoscopy is less invasive than pneuomoperitoneum insufflation, allowing the surgeon to perform laparoscopic surgery in high-risk patients with conditions such as heart insufficiency, lung obstruction, and pregnancy. 

Encyclopedia of Color Science and Technology free ebook

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Encyclopedia of Color Science and Technology

The Encyclopedia of Color Science and Technology provides an authoritative single source for understanding and applying the concepts of color to all fields of science and technology, including artistic and historical aspects of color.

Many topics are discussed in this timely reference, including an introduction to the science of color, and entries on the physics, chemistry and percept

Satanism Today: An Encyclopedia of Religion, Folklore, and Popular Culture

This nonsensationalist encyclopedia examines contemporary images of the devil and sorts out the many different forms these images take. Although much of the myths relating to Satan derive directly or indirectly from the Christian tradition, the key sources of diabolical images today are horror movies, heavy metal music, and conservative Christian literature.

Electrochemical Production of Metal Powders free ebook

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Electrochemical Production of Metal Powders

Published: 2012-03-24 | ISBN: 1461423791 | PDF | 421 pages | 12 MB

This new volume of Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry reviews different methods for the production of metal powders including mechanical, chemical and electrochemical powders. Electrochemically produced metal powders are of high purity and they are extremely active during sintering. These powders find a wide-range

Olive Germplasm: Italian Catalogue of Olive Varieties

InTeOp | 2012 | ISBN: 9535108849 9789535108849 | 430 pages | PDF | 208 MB

This book is a source of recently accumulated information on olive trees and on olive oil industry. The objective of this book is to provide knowledge which is appropriate for students, scientists, both experienced and inexperienced horticulturists and, in general, for anyone wishing to acquire knowledge an