Il Morandini 2011. Dizionario dei film. Con CD-ROM

DETTAGLI SULL'OPERA... Il Morandini 2011 - Dizionario dei film comprende 24.000 film usciti sul mercato italiano dal 1902 allestate 2010, di cui piu di un migliaio prodotti specificamente per lhome video o la televisione.Turtleback Publisher: Zanichelli (January 1, 2010) Language: Italian ISBN-10: 8808227227 ISBN-13: 978-8808227225

Historical Dictionary of Music of the Classical Period

When we speak of “classical music” it often refers rather loosely to serious “art” music but at the core is really the music of the classical period running from about 1730 to 1800, give or take. This was truly one of the most glorious periods for both composition and performance and it is this classical music which is still at the core of todays repertoire. Obvious names connected with this perio

Nolo's Encyclopedia of Everyday Law: Answers to Your Most Frequently Asked Legal Questions

Everything you wanted to know about the law, but couldn't afford to ask. How do I get a collection agency to stop harassing me? If I work 50 hours a week, shouldn't I be getting overtime? My new car is a lemon -- what can I do? Like it or not, the law affects practically every aspect of our lives and legal questions come up daily. Nolo's Encyclopedia of Everyday Law has the answers. Written by Nol

Encyclopedia of Gay and Lesbian Popular Culture free ebook

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Encyclopedia of Gay and Lesbian Popular Culture

During the 20th century through today, gay and lesbian artists, writers, political activists, and sports figures contributed their talents to all areas of popular culture. Authors such as E. Lynn Harris and Patricia Highsmith write bestselling novels. Rupert Everett follows in the footsteps of Rock Hudson and others who starred in multimillion dollar films. George Michael and k.d.lang have been th

The Wine Snob's Dictionary: An Essential Lexicon of Oenological Knowledge

A nicely structured, lightly acidic addition to the handy Snobs Dictionary series, decoding the baffling world of winespeak from A to Z. Wine Snob. The very phrase seems redundant, doesn't it? When faced with this snobbiest of snobberies, the civilian wine enthusiast needs the help of savvy translators like David Kamp and David Lynch. Their Wine Snobs Dictionary delivers witty explication of bo

Wörterbuch Kochkunst free ebook

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Wörterbuch Kochkunst

Wie beschreibt man ein Geschmackserlebnis, die verschiedenen Aromen, Konsistenzen und Zutaten? Die Kochprofis haben dafur einen ganz eigenen Wortschatz entwickelt, der auch Nichtkochen Appetit macht. Dieses innen wie auben appetitlich gestaltete Bandchen ist das perfekte Mitbringsel zur nachsten Essenseinladung - oder macht einfach Spab beim Selberlesen.Publisher: Bibliograph. Instit. GmbH (August

DizionAuto free ebook

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Publisher: Attilio Domenico Cardillo | ISBN: N/A | Release: 2011 | Italian | 166 Pages | PDF vScans | 34.54 Mb Dall'Ing.Attilio Domenico Cardillo, un dizionario dell'auto, composto da 613 lemmi, che spiega chiaramente i termini tecnici ed il linguaggio dell'industria relativo al mondo dell'automobile. Per favorire una migliore comprensione delle voci, si e creata una rete di rinvii: ognuno di q

The Describer's Dictionary: A Treasury of Terms & Literary Quotations

Have you ever found yourself grasping in vain for that ideal descriptive word lost somewhere within the misty recesses of your vocabulary? Or felt frustrated that an oddly shaped structure or pretty setting you wished to portray in writing didn't quite translate clearly to paper? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then The Describer's Dictionary is exactly the book you need. Ope

Dictionary of Media and Communication Studies free ebook

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Dictionary of Media and Communication Studies

The Watson and Hill dictionary in its 8th edition presents a fresh and comprehensive overview serving all aspect of the study of media and communication. It provides a detailed compendium of the different facets of personal, group, mass media and Internet communication and continues to be a vital source of information for all those interested in how communication affects our lives. The Diction