Magical Tendencies (The Magical Tendencies Series Book 1)

Celeste Woods is happy with her life. But after one swift move by fate, a deliciously gorgeous man saves her from a demon attack and she learns that her life has never been what she had believed. 

After finding out that she is the queen of a supernatural realm with remarkable subjects, she wants to run away...and fast. But where would she run to? Into the arms of the incredibly s

The Clockwork Wolf (Disenchanted & Co.) free ebook

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The Clockwork Wolf (Disenchanted & Co.)

This series is really good steampunk with magical elements. Kit is the antithesis of magic ans as such finds and resolves issues involving magic. Most steampunk takes place in victorian england, but this series is set in an alternate american colonies called Toriana in the northwest. An aspect of Native American culture adds to the storyline. There are interesting supporting characters includin

The Undead Pool (Hollows) free ebook

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The Undead Pool (Hollows)

Rachel Morgan, day-walking demon witch, is at it again. Charms are misfiring all over Cincinnati and all roads lead back to Rachel. Trent Kalamack, Cinci's very own elven hottie is betrothed to Ellasbeth, and Rachel fights the urge to rip his clothes off and claim him for herself. All the master vampires in the city are snoozing and a rebel of free vamps are running rampant. Felix still has

That Frigid Fargin Witch (The Legend of Vanx Malic)

Again I was not disappointed. Mr. Mathias uses the first books in a sequence to build up the characters and give them depth and personalities and then in the second book of the sequence really puts them to work. The action sequences are very good and the story is taken from the cliffhanger in the first book to a great conclusion in the second, with a foreshadowing of more books to come for thes

 Redemption of Thieves (Legends of Dimmingwood) (Volume 4)

Compelled to join forces with her life-long enemy, the Praetor, Ilan sets out to defend her friends in Dimmingwood from the murderous raiders across the border. But when Ilan, Terrac, and the Fists in their command enter Skeltai territory through a magic portal, they find themselves in more danger than they bargained for. Their only hope of returning home alive may lie in sacrificing the thing

The Darkslayer: Chaos At the Castle (Book 6) (Volume 6)

They keep coming... With Venir imprisoned at the Outpost, who will step forward to protect Bish from the rising tide of underlings? Who will save Venir? What about the City of Bone? Have underling Lords Catten, Verbard and Master Kierway taken it over? Kam the mage and Lefty Lightfoot struggle to find a way out of The Nest, but will they need the help of a far more dangerous ally? Detective Mel

Loamhedge: A Tale From Redwall free ebook

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Loamhedge: A Tale From Redwall

The sixteenth full length Redwall novel sheds light on the Abbey's ancient origins in a thrilling adventure. Loamhedge, the deserted Abbey, has been forgotten for countless seasons. What secrets do it's ruins hold? When it becomes clear that wheelchair-bound Martha might be cured by a formula buried there, two old warriors are inspired by the spirit of Martin the Warrior himself to go o

The Unnaturalists free ebook

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The Unnaturalists

Vespa Nyx wants nothing more than to spend the rest of her life cataloging Unnatural creatures in her father’s museum, but as she gets older, the requirement to become a lady and find a husband is looming large. Syrus Reed’s Tinker family has always served and revered the Unnaturals from afar, but when his family is captured to be refinery slaves, he finds that his fate may be bound