Perfect Your Chess by Vladimir Grabinsky free ebook

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Perfect Your Chess by Vladimir Grabinsky

English | June 30, 2007 | ISBN: 1904600824 | 159 Pages | PDF | 11 MB

Andrei Volokitin is one of a rare breed of players: he achieved a ranking in the world's top 20 while still a teenager, playing dynamic and often brilliant chess. Although we cannot all aspire to emulate his achievements, there is much that we can learn from his training methods, his games and his general ap

Understanding Counterplay in Video Games (Routledge Advances in Game Studies)

This book offers insight into one of the most problematic and universal issues within multiplayer videogames: antisocial and oppositional play forms such as cheating, player harassment, the use of exploits, illicit game modifications, and system hacking, known collectively as counterplay. Using ethnographic research, Alan Meades not only to gives voice to counterplayers, but reframes counterpla

Unity iOS Game Development Beginners Guide free ebook

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Unity iOS Game Development Beginners Guide

This book will teach you the secrets of building and monetizing games for the iOS platform using the latest version of Unity. The book is linear and progressive so every chapter builds upon the knowledge of the last. You will learn Unity and the iOS basics necessary to get started. You will design a game for the iOS. You will build that game feature by feature. Finally you will publish your gam

ZBrush 4 Sculpting for Games: Beginner's Guide free ebook

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ZBrush 4 Sculpting for Games: Beginner's Guide

ZBrush is a fantastic tool for creating models for use in computer games. Using a wide range of powerful tools you can create models for vehicles, props, environments, and characters.

This book makes creating game art in ZBrush fast and easy. It covers everything you need to create models of all kinds for your game projects, even if youve never used ZBrush before.

Focus On Mod Programming in Quake III Arena (Focus on Game Development)

You've seen the cool mods that other developers have created for games like Quake. Now you're ready to try it for yourself. All you need to dive in and start designing is a copy of Quake III, a creative idea, and this book! Master the fundamental skills you'll need as you start with the basics of mod development and Quake III weapons programming. Then move on to code interaction as

Microsoft XNA Game Studio 4.0: Learn Programming Now!

Now you can build your own games for your Xbox 360, Windows Phone 7, or Windows-based PCas you learn the underlying concepts for computer programming. Use this hands-on guide to dive straight into your first projectadding new tools and tricks to your arsenal as you go. No experience required!