Focus: Love: Your World, Your Images free ebook

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Focus: Love: Your World, Your Images

2010 | HQ PDF | ISBN: 1600595634 | 180 pages | 101.40 Mb

The first book in a brand-new photographic seriesshot mostly by amateursabout seeing the world from a brand-new perspective!

Amateurs, by definition, work for love aloneso what subject could be more fitting for the first entry in a brand-new series focusing on the art of the amateur photographer than that poten

Terrarium Craft: Create 50 Magical, Miniature Worlds

2011 | HQ PDF | ISBN: 1604692340 | 197 pages | 101.02 Mb

A terrarium is nothing less than a miniature world one that you can create yourself. It might be a tiny rainforest, with lush foliage and bright tropical flowers. Or a desert, with strange succulents planted among colorful stones. Or a Victorian fernery. Or a minimalist composition with a single, perfect plant.


1000 Ideas by 100 Fashion Designers free ebook

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1000 Ideas by 100 Fashion Designers

2010 | HQ PDF | ISBN: 1592535720 | 321 pages | 100.35 Mb

Fashion isn't art. The latter can just be admired, while the first needs to be sold. How do designers create constant objects of desire? In this book, 100 designers give 1000 tips on what it takes to be a great fashion designer. These tips address a number of issues: flare inspiration, collection concept, the promise

1001 Symmetrical Patterns: A Complete Resource of Pattern Designs

2010 | HQ PDF | ISBN: 1592536204 | 209 pages | 113.68 Mb

Artists, graphic designers, and craftspeople are always looking for new sources of inspiration and new ideas to incorporate into their work. This book is an extensive print and electronic library of symmetrical patterns in changing arrangements and colorways, inspired by traditional iconic motifs found in various culture

The Human Canvas: The World's Best Body Paintings free ebook

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The Human Canvas: The World's Best Body Paintings

The human body is the most beautiful thing to us, both inside and out. --Nick & Brian Wolfe Inside the Magical World of Bodypainting From fine art to fashion and from advertising to competition, the world of bodypainting is vast and beautiful. With The Human Canvas you will get front row seats to the pageantry of mind-blowing images from accomplished artists around the world. Many of these art

Strokes Of Genius 6: The Best of Drawing free ebook

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Strokes Of Genius 6: The Best of Drawing

This sixth volume in the celebrated Strokes of Genius series explores the power of value. From the darkest darks to the lightest lights and all the notes in between, value can build works of incredible complexity, or pure and simple poetry. More than any other single element of art, value has the power to force a flat surface into a realistic sense of dimension, convey textures, establish mood,

Mastering Fantasy Art - Drawing Dynamic Characters: People, Poses, Creatures and More

Bring the power of realism to your fantasy drawings! Great fantasy art transports viewers to a realm where the impossible becomes less so, and all manner of strange beasts and beings dwell. It takes more than fierce imagination to create these worlds. Great reference photos make it easier to draw what you actually see, providing that all-important link to reality that allows fantasy art to take

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain: A Course in Enhancing Creativity and Artistic Confidence. Betty Edwards

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain is the world’s most widely used drawing instruction book. Whether you are a professional, a student or enjoy art as a hobby Betty Edwards’ practical set-by-step guide to drawing will give you greater confidence in your ability, deepen your artistic perception and provide a new way to appreciate the way you perceive the world around you., a shift to the r

Zentangle 3, Expanded Workbook Edition: Tangling With Rubber Stamps

Explore tangle possibilities and discover a host of new techniques with Zentangle 3, Expanded Workbook Edition! This inspiring book offers 40 original tangle patterns and a host of new ideas for combining rubber stamps and tangles to create rich and delightful graphics. Begin with the Zen of basic tangling, filling in the spaces between simple lines one step at a time. Then start turning rubbe