The Napoleonic Empire in Italy, 1796-1814: Cultural Imperialism in a European Context?

Cultural imperialism and acculturation find close counterparts in many of the policies and attitudes of Napoleonic administrators in their Italian provinces, explored here from the rich archival sources of the Parisian and Italian archives, long neglected by scholars. Broers repositions the context in which the Napoleonic empire can be studied, and reconfigures the political and historical geog

Romanticism and War: A Study of British Romantic Period Writers and the Napoleonic Wars

This book is a study of war and the perceptions of war. It deals specifically with the British Romantic period writers who lived through the Napoleonic wars, and the way in which those wars affected the writing of Scott, Wordsworth, Coleridge, Shelley, Byron and many of their contemporaries. Watson discusses the particular fascination of those wars, and the way in which they affected a way of t

Napoleon's Conquest of Europe: The War of the Third Coalition (Studies in Military History and International Affairs)

Poised to strike at England in the summer of 1805, Napoleon found himself facing a coalition of European powers determined to limit his territorial ambitions. Still, in less than one hundred days, Napoleon's armies marched from the English Channel to Central Europe, crushing the armies of Austria and Russiathe first step in his conquest of Europe. In this telling new account, Schneid demons

Chicago's Irish Legion free ebook

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Chicago's Irish Legion

Extensively documented and richly detailed, Chicagos Irish Legion tells the compelling story of Chicagos 90th Illinois Volunteer Infantry, the only Irish regiment in Major General William Tecumseh Shermans XV Army Corps. Swans sweeping history of this singular regiment and its pivotal role in the Western Theater of the Civil War draws heavily from primary documents and first-person observations

The Jewish Legion and the First World War free ebook

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The Jewish Legion and the First World War

In the autumn of 1917, the British government established three batallions of infantry for the reception of non-nationalized Russian Jews. Known colloquially as the Jewish Legion, the batallions served in Egypt and Palestine, before their eventual disbandment in the late spring of 1921. By drawing on the testimonies of over 600 veterans, this unique unit is analyzed from within its political an

English University Life In The Middle Ages free ebook

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English University Life In The Middle Ages

This work presents a composite view of medieval English university life. The author offers detailed insights into the social and economic conditions of the lives of students, their teaching masters and fellows. The experiences of college benefactors, women and university servants are also examined, demonstrating the vibrancy they brought to university life.

When the Lights Went Out: A History of Blackouts in America

Where were you when the lights went out? At home during a thunderstorm? During the Great Northeastern Blackout of 1965? In California when rolling blackouts hit in 2000? In 2003, when a cascading power failure left fifty million people without electricity? We often remember vividly our time in the dark. In When the Lights Went Out, David Nye views power outages in America from 1935 to the prese