Secrets of Voyaging: Kitab al-isfar 'an nata'ij al-asfar

Ibn ’Arabi is one of the greatest writers of mystical literature of any era. The voyages recounted in the enigmatic Secrets of Voyaging offer readers an inexhaustible source of reflection on the nature of the journeys of life. This unique book explores the theme of voyage and spiritual unveiling as it plays out simultaneously in the cosmological, scriptural, and mystica

Britain Through Muslim Eyes: Literary Representations, 1780-1988

The Muslim as a cultural category has come under increasing, most often hostile, scrutiny in Euro-America over the last four decades or so. As a result, the field of Muslim literary studies has emerged to shine a spotlight on the exciting body of literature by authors of Muslim heritage writing back to Islamophobic stereotypes. However, this academic oeuvre too often assumes that this literatur

War and Occupation in Iraqi Fiction free ebook

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War and Occupation in Iraqi Fiction

The last three decades in Iraqi history can be summarized in these words: dictatorship, war and occupation. After the fall of Saddam's regime Iraqi novelists are not only writing about the occupation and current disintegration of Iraq but are also revisiting previous wars that devastated their lives. Ikram Masmoudi examines how recent Iraqi fiction about war depicts the Iraqi subject in its

Geschlechterrollenvorstellungen im Tafsir [German]

 In der historisch islamischen Welt gibt es seit langerem ein Bewusstsein fur problematische Vorstellungen uber Geschlechterverhaltnisse auch gerade in Zusammenhang mit Deutungen bestimmter Koranpassagen. Der Tafsir (Koranexegese) ist ein historisch gewachsenes und immer noch au?erst populares Genre innerhalb der gelehrsamen islamischen Literatur und als solches auch Ort fur die religiose

Securitization Of Islam – Counter-terrorism And Freedom Of Religion In Central Asia Vicious Circle

Diverse Islamic groups have triggered a »revival of Islam« in Central Asia in the last decades. As a result, there has been a general securitization of Islam by the governments: not only do they combat the terrorist Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan but also outlaw popular groups such as the Gülen movement. However, strong repression of religion might lead to radicalization. Kathr

Sunan an-Nabi free ebook

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Sunan an-Nabi

A comprehensive look at the conduct and customs of the Prophet Muhammad as seen in the Islamic Hadith literature.