Forensic Science: The Basics, Second Edition free ebook

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Forensic Science: The Basics, Second Edition

As forensic science continues to play a wider role in the investigation of crimes and apprehension of criminals, those without crime scene or crime lab training must now become familiar with the techniques and language of the forensic scientist. Avoiding the complicated science and graphic violence typical of most forensic references, this book is written specifically for those without forensic

Comparative and International Criminal Justice Systems: Policing, Judiciary, and Corrections, Third Edition

Comparative and International Criminal Justice Systems: Policing, Judiciary, and Corrections, Third Edition examines the history, dynamics, structure, organization, and processes in the criminal justice systems in a number of selected countries. Designed for courses in comparative criminal justice systems, comparative criminology, and international criminal law, it explores systems in the Unite

Anderson's Business Law and the Legal Environment, Comprehensive Volume, 22nd Edition

 In addition to preparing you to ace your business law course, ANDERSON'S BUSINESS LAW AND THE LEGAL ENVIRONMENT, COMPREHENSIVE VOLUME, 22nd Edition, provides information and resources to assist you in studying for the CPA exam. This #1 summarized case business law text on the market today helps you grasp key legal concepts and principles by reinforcing your understanding through appli

Legal Rights, 5th Ed.: The Guide for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People

The new, revised, fifth edition of Legal Rights offers in easy-to-understand language the latest state and federal statutes and administrative procedures that prohibit discrimination against deaf and hard of hearing people, and any others with physical challenges.

It includes complete information on the Telecommunications Act of 1996, new laws for hearing-aid-compatible telephones, th

English, French & German Comparative Law free ebook

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English, French & German Comparative Law

This comparative analysis considers the differing approaches to important areas of law in England, France and Germany. In particular, constitutions, sources of law, rights against the state to prevent abuse of power, and rights of private individuals and organisations against each other in tort and contract are examined and compared, and the system of courts is also considered.

Intellectual Property and Private International Law: Comparative Perspectives

 'Intellectual property and private international law' was one of the subjects discussed at the 18th International Congress of Comparative Law held in Washington (July 2010). This volume contains the General Report and 20 National Reports covering Canada, US, Japan, Korea, India and a number of European countries (Austria, France, Germany, UK, Spain etc). The General Report was pre

Public Procurement and the EU Competition Rules: Second Edition

 Public procurement and competition law are both important fields of EU law and policy, intimately intertwined in the creation of the internal market. Hitherto their close connection has been noted, but not closely examined. This work is the most comprehensive attempt to date to explain the many ways in which these fields, often considered independent of one another, interact and overlap i

Baptists in America: A History free ebook

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Baptists in America: A History

 Baptists are the second-largest religious group in the United States, trailing only Catholics. They represent nearly 20% of the US population and a third of all American Protestants, and have attained a certain level of notoriety for their penchant for controversy. From their defiance of established churches in the Colonial period, to pastor Robert Jeffress calling Mitt Romney's Mormo

Money Awards in Contract Law free ebook

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Money Awards in Contract Law

 The quantification of contractual money awards is a topic of both significant theoretical interest and immense practical importance. Recent debates have ranged from the availability of gain-based relief to the basis for principles of remoteness and mitigation. While these and other important issues, such as the recovery of damages for non-pecuniary loss, are touched upon, the book's p